The Packers vs. The Giants.

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I am putting all my eggs in the packers victory basket for two reasons…

1. I am yon yonson from wisconsin

2. Giants are fake, I never seen one in the woods.

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Yon Yonson Lyrics.

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People ask me my name, and i say…

Oh you know what I say, so it’s funny that people keep asking me, better still is that all these peepes ask me over and over sometimes, i think the world world has gone belly up stupid once you leave the woods. In the woods you have solace, trees, creek, snow, tracks, shade, light, a place where nature takes its course and trees grow big and strong so i can cut ’em down only after I plant some new ones. That’s a good feeling, isn’t it? Now come springtime I aim to find Mary Contrary and see how her garden grows… maybe she got squash this year. I like my squash with a high nitrate level, y’know?

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Great Day for the Woods.

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yon yonsonEver just wake up, brew a cup and take a loft loaf through the Wisconsin woods?

i bet you have.  Wrote a song about it. Just for you. >>>>Download<<<<<

-Yon Yonson

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