Winter Storm on the First Day of Spring!

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Holy Crap. There is a big ole storm in Wisconsin. Dere’s snow, and slick roads. Wind even. It’s a doosy out there, everyone should be careful out there and try to gather wood. Remember to shovel and make your fire big to get air out the stack right this time!firewood in snow 

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Is that the sun?

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So Yesterday as i laced up the snow shoes, i was thinkin… Where in the heck dis all da snow come from this year? i calledice meltingice meltingsnow cabin som family in Scandanarvia and they didn’t know what i was on about. in fact, i’m not sure it was the right Yonson household. So my point, was that the sun i saw today? heck yeah it was- its still there, the ice is melting and the walls in my house and frickin wet from all the water damage i got over here. So gotta get out there and start patching the house up before a fine dinner of saurkraut and knockwurst.

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“Soa Much Snowa”

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You heard me. Soa much snowa out dare. It gree-ate. So how about that game against Bill Belecheat & how dat cap’n didn’t sink with da ship? Ya, that’s what I said, how about dat?  Ok who needs Yon to shovel?

snow shoveling

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Oh Yah! Them roads are filled with snow.

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Driving a truck with four wheel drive should be a cinch, oh buddy! Not on ice, don’t do a darn thing. And driving along the highways through the Wisconsin woods ain’t easy either. Don’t be fooled by the snow, it may look like a warm blanket, but cover up in it, and it’ll be the death of ya.

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It Snowed In Wisconsin

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For those of you without radios or a fine neighbor nearby, I bring news. It has snowed in Wisconsin. Rough weather at least 20 miles east and south, it only gets colder west and north. My visability was quite limited yesterday and  I moved slow with old snow shoes. The leather was worn and the storm was unexpected. I aim to repair them today and get them dogs ready, we have logs to move tomorrow.

-Yon Yonson

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