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Green Bay Packers Football

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It’s Green Bay Packers Football time here in Wisconsin.

Go Pack Go!

green bay football

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Yon Yonson Lyrics.

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People ask me my name, and i say…

Oh you know what I say, so it’s funny that people keep asking me, better still is that all these peepes ask me over and over sometimes, i think the world world has gone belly up stupid once you leave the woods. In the woods you have solace, trees, creek, snow, tracks, shade, light, a place where nature takes its course and trees grow big and strong so i can cut ’em down only after I plant some new ones. That’s a good feeling, isn’t it? Now come springtime I aim to find Mary Contrary and see how her garden grows… maybe she got squash this year. I like my squash with a high nitrate level, y’know?

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The Yule Wurst. A holiday tradition.

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It’s that time o year when you get to light fires and cover up in blankets and drink hotyule wurst whisky followed by fresh local tobacco in your trusted wooded pipe.

And it’s time for the yule wurst. A sausage fit for the table, i’ll tell ya.

How do you make it?, hmm, all i can say is that the butcher puts a sauage within a sauage, the inner layer is the good stuff, the other layer is the schmancy stuff, like apples, dates, and pine needles. A delicious sight to behold and beats gettin’ another tool set!

I learned of it from Olga, her family was from Brittany, France and Scandinavia… dats when I moved in! oh ya! Here is tour of her up nort Wisconsin, USA

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Yon Yonson

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The Wurst Show is Milwaukee’s Best TV

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I got a great big wood tv, the blacks and whites both come in sort of grey, but i can still make out the parades on the holidays and know a good show when I see one. Here is a video from just that vision that I was born with, here it is, a segment from, The Wurst Show!

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A.M. Radio is alright.

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vintage radioSo, thank god for the radio eh? I Like the talk radio where they give you weather updates and tell you if the roads are clear. The roads aren’t really ever clear in Wisconsin during the winter, I would know, I get to clear em!

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Oh Yah! Them roads are filled with snow.

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Driving a truck with four wheel drive should be a cinch, oh buddy! Not on ice, don’t do a darn thing. And driving along the highways through the Wisconsin woods ain’t easy either. Don’t be fooled by the snow, it may look like a warm blanket, but cover up in it, and it’ll be the death of ya.

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It’s sweater weather.

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Oh yeah.

I got a nice new wooly sweater on today, I think I’ll build a fire later and might strip down to my red long johns later. Right now I don’t know, I just know it is sweater weather and that you should bundle up if you are going to be outside in Wisconsin.

long johns

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It Snowed In Wisconsin

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For those of you without radios or a fine neighbor nearby, I bring news. It has snowed in Wisconsin. Rough weather at least 20 miles east and south, it only gets colder west and north. My visability was quite limited yesterday and  I moved slow with old snow shoes. The leather was worn and the storm was unexpected. I aim to repair them today and get them dogs ready, we have logs to move tomorrow.

-Yon Yonson

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My name is Yon Yonson

Posted on December 1, 2007. Filed under: nap, song, yonson | Tags: , , , |

zzzzIt sure is great being me. I get to sing my own song, whistle my own tune, and live life at my own pace. I think I’ll take a nap. Or maybe a meal. Ah who am I kidding, I want to sing!

“My name is Yon Yonson!…”  (until tired)


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